Publications available online include:

Ali Fisher, Music For The Jilted Generation: Open-Source Public Diplomacy, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, Volume 3, Number 2, September 2008 , pp. 129-152(24)

Ali Fisher: Four seasons in one day: the crowded house of public diplomacy in the UK, in: Routledge handbook of public diplomacy / ed. N. Snow; Ph.M. Taylor. – New York: Routledge: (2009) pp. 251-261

Ali Fisher: Looking at the Man in the Mirror; Understanding of Power and Influence in Public Diplomacy, in Trials of Engagement, (forthcoming).

Ali Fisher and Aurélie Bröckerhoff,Options for Influence; global campaigns of persuasion in the new worlds of public diplomacy (Counterpoint) 2008

Are Governments losing their grip? For the British Council’s TN2020 project

Gramsci and the New Intellectuals, 49th Parallel, Issue 12, Winter 2003


Money money 2020; Networked R&D, Presentation at Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Public Diplomacy, ISA, New York, 2009



  1. […] the ethics of the method to achieve the goal? Following the logic articulated by Ali Fisher on “open-source diplomacy,” the message becomes more effective when it is subject to the review of its audience, indeed, […]

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