Dr Ali Fisher is director at Mappa Mundi Consulting and a leading international researcher in the fields of cultural relations, public diplomacy and information operations. Ali has previously worked as Director of Counterpoint, the cultural relations think-tank of the British Council (2006–7), and as Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Exeter.

He wrote his recent publication Options for Influence: Global campaigns of persuasion in the new worlds of public diplomacy with Aurélie Bröckerhoff.

Articles by Ali include ‘Music for a Jilted Generation; Open Source Public Diplomacy‘ in the Hague Journal of Diplomacy, and ‘Four Seasons in One Day; The Crowded House of Public Diplomacy in the UK‘, in the Routledge Handbook on Public Diplomacy

Ali is a regular conference speaker – including at the ‘Public Diplomacy in NATO Operations’ conference in Copenhagen, on ‘Hegemony and Diversity’ as a World Cultural Forum panellist alongside Gilberto Gil (Rio de Janeiro), and on ‘UK Public Diplomacy’ at Real Instituto Elcano in Madrid. Ali received his PhD from the University of Birmingham, where he wrote his thesis on US cultural operations during the early Cold War.

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